Mozilla Hackerlounge at CSSConf Budapest & JSConf Budapest

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Mozilla Hackerlounge - Budapest 2017

Mozilla Hackerlounge and community schedule at CSSConf Budapest & JSConf Budapest, Budapest, Hungary, 2017.09.25-27.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are open to any attendee/ticket holder at JSConf Budapest 2017, and take place on both days in the morning coffee break (11:00-11:30), in both the Mozilla Hackerlounge (ground floor) and the Zalando lounge (upstairs).

If you are a JSConf Budapest or Combo ticket holder you have received an e-mail with the link to the CFP applications. If you haven’t received the e-mail containing the link, DM @jsconfbp on Twitter or send an e-mail to flaki at mozilla dot hu, including the e-mail address you registered to the conference from.

Lightning talks format

All lightning talks are a maximum of 7 minutes, no Q&A, no live coding, no own computer use is allowed. With their submission one can include a link to any URL pointing to an image, webpage, PDF file or online slide deck which will be opened in a web browser before their presentation and they will be provided a clicker to advance slides (if applicable).
Some lightning talks may be recorded and made available online after the event, unless requested otherwise by the presenter.

Lightning talk schedule

Community Talks

Every day at JSConf Budapest we have a fun & engaging community talk scheduled at the Zalando lounge (upstairs) in the first half of the lunch break, presented by Mozilla & Zalando.
Just grab some food and settle in for some CSS and HTML5 games wizardry!

Note: change in talk schedules!

Day 1 - Lisa Passing - Making web API games

Thursday 12:45

Talk: Lisa Passing

The web offers a variety of really interesting APIs. But usually they never seem to quite fit the purpose of your current project. How will you ever get to try them out?
My solution: Make a game!
Let me show you how I make small scoped, browser based games using web APIs as part of interaction or game play.

Day 2 - Manel Rhaiem - Virtual Reality on the Web with A-frame

Friday 12:45

Talk: Lisa Passing

WebVR gives first-hand access to Virtual Reality for web developers and all of the web’s citizens, making browsers a first-class citizen in the VR ecosystem. But creating 3D content was never easy in the browser, and this didn’t get any better for whole scenes. This is where Mozilla’s open-source A-frame li brary comes to play, letting you create Virtual Reality content easily and effortlessly with a familiar syntax!

Community Discussions in the Hackerlounge

On both days in the second half of the lunch break the Mozilla Hackerlounge transforms into a discussion area. Flaki will be chatting with fellow conference organizers, speakers, teachers and mentors about public speaking, conference organizing, mentoring, diversity and other hot topics in the tech community.

Have a question that you want answered by our panel of speakers? Tweet it with the #mozhacks hashtag and get an answer live in the Hackerlounge!

Day 1 - Public Speaking and Conferences

Thursday 13:30
Moderator: Flaki
Discussion partners: Felicitas Kugland (JSConf EU), Madeleine Neumann (RuhrJS), Kevin Lorenz (CSSConf EU) & more!

Conferences (especially the way they are organized) are still a mystery to a lot of people, and public speaking is still largely considered this terrifying mess that I am not very good at so I’ll just let others do it, instead. But it shouldn’t be like this at all! This discussion is to debunk the myths and hearsay surrounding conferences and public speaking and to encourage more people to dare embark on this journey, either submitting and speaking at an event or organizing one themselves.

Day 2 - Teaching and Learning the Web

Thursday 13:30
Moderator: Flaki
Discussion partners: Pilar Huidobro (RailsGirls Summer of Code), Tibor Szasz (Greenfox Academy), Nemeth Adam (METU Jump!), Lisa Passing (ClojureBridge Berlin, RGSoC) & more!

Mozilla has always been a vocal advocate of “web- and digital literacy”, but especially in today’s web that is changing in an almost untrackable pace teaching and learning comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Is it for polishing one’s own skills after having been a web developer for long? Or just barely starting up after deciding to switch careers? Even, someone trying to encourage this as a teacher/mentor to provide access to more diverse folks to make up the tech scene as we know it today, the questions, needs and methods arising when acquiring news skills vary wildly and are something worth talking about. The goal is to encourage and inspire the conference attendees to grow their skills and help others, as these people will be the ones who will make up the next frontline in this battle for a better tech community.

Hackerlounge demos

Experience WebVR

Demo: Mozilla WebVR

Visit the Mozilla Hackerlounge to learn more about WebVR and experience it yourself! WebVR is a new web standard for exposing the hardware and software primitives of virtual reality to web pages, and making these technologies availabe for web developers to provide low-friction access VR content to anyone with a web browser.
Despite being a rather new standard, various mobile browses and Firefox on the desktop already support WebVR — even in the stable (consumer) versions of the browsers.

Demo: in-game.hu

We would like to thank in-game.hu for providing us with a complete VR setup and an HTC Vive, making it possible for us to show people the true immersive power of WebVR experiences!

Meet Servo, play with WebBluetooth

Demo: Servo WebBluetooth

Join the team from University of Szeged to learn more about Servo, the experimental browser engine developed at Mozilla (and powering the upcoming Firefox Quantum). The USzeged team will also showcase the WebBluetooth implementation they developed and you will get a chance to experience it yourself - play with quadrocopters and RC cars using nothing more but a browser, thanks to the WebBluetooth API.

Speaker Q&A Sessions

Come to the Mozilla Hackerlounge in the breaks not just to try cool demos and listen to community talks, but also to meet and ask questions and chat with the speakers at the conference! Keep your ears peeled as speakers will announce after their talks at what time they will be hanging around the Hackerlounge so you can drop by and ask your questions!

Code of Conduct

In the Hackerlounge and during all community activities the JSConf Budapest Code of Conduct applies. In the Mozilla Hackerlounge and at activities organized by Mozilla everyone is subject to the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines and is expected to behave in full accordance of these guidelines.